In the last blog entry I discussed the importance of showing that you are a somebody of high value in society.  This is a great tool that will trigger a woman’s interest, gain her attention and, consequently, make her more attracted to you.

The reason is simple:  You are establishing that you are someone special in society whom other people want to be around.  Valuable people are not only valuable to society, but valuable to women, as well, making you someone that they will want to be around.

Today I will discuss one way that you can establish this value in the online dating world.

Use your profile pictures.

Profile pictures shouldn’t merely be used to show pictures of yourself in a flattering light.   While they should look good, photos are also a great opportunity to establish value.

Find profile pictures that show you in a light that draws women to you. 

Maybe you were at a part,  surrounded by some beautiful women, and you have a picture of it.  This shows you have value among beauitful women and are used to being surrounded by women. 

Do you have a great job, where you attend events that not many people get to go to?  This again shows value.

Maybe you have a great car that you have a picture of yourself standing next to.  Again, value.

There are a million and one ways to show value within your pictures.  Get into the habit of doing so and you will find women will be more drawn to your pictures online and, consequently, more into you!

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