Dear Gems from Jen,

My 10-year-old is autistic.  He requires someone who has patience and understanding. Even if someone likes my profile, they’re likely to bolt after learning about my special needs child. Also, tending to my son’s needs leaves me with very little free time for dating.

Any suggestions?

Dear Special Needs Parent,

It takes a very special person to raise an autistic child. Your job is challenging yet incredibly rewarding. It also takes a very special person to know when to take some personal time, which is just as important.  Content parents tend to have happy, fulfilled children. My suggestion is to be honest in your profile. Be sure to include your child as part of what you have to offer as a potential partner. Let the reader know how important your child is and what kind of attention he requires.  Your child and you are a package deal.  Anyone who cannot understand that is definitely not worth getting to know.  There are JDaters® out there who are patient, understanding and willing to stick around.

Gems from Jen