I’m so grateful to JDate for helping me connect with the love of my life! After being single for some time, my cousin suggested that I join JDate. It took some persuading, but I finally agreed to try it for one month. Once that month came and went, I didn’t renew my subscription. After another month, though, my cousin again convinced me to give it another go. I signed up for another month on a Sunday night in October of 2011 and “met” Jonathan the next day.

After being very impressed with his profile, I decided to send Jonathan a message. I was thrilled when he wrote me back a few minutes later! We emailed back and forth several times before Jonathan asked for my phone number. While awaiting his phone call, Jonathan sent me one more message through JDate, suggesting an article that he thought I would like by one of my favorite authors, Chuck Klosterman. I was impressed with this, and became even more excited to speak with him on the phone.

success-avital-jonathan-tmb2We had our first date on November 2, 2011, which was quickly followed by our second date a few days later. I was never one who really believed in love at first sight, but while walking back from Central Park on that second date, I knew that Jonathan was the one for me. We had our third date the next day because I was about to head to California for a conference. During the week I was away, we were in touch constantly. I spent more time texting him than paying attention to my conference sessions! It was my birthday during that week, and Jonathan was the first person to wish me a happy birthday. I could not wait to get back and see him. Once we saw each other again, that was it; we have been a couple ever since.

After being together for a year and a half, Jonathan proposed on June 15, 2013. He took me to the boardwalk in Jersey City (one of our favorite places located just a few minutes from where we live) and had a table set up with a tablecloth, a flower, champagne and glasses. Even though we knew we were going to be getting married, I was completely surprised that day. The proposal was absolutely perfect, and I never felt happier than I was in that moment! We are currently planning our wedding for March 2014. I cannot wait to marry him.

Meeting Jonathan has been a dream come true. When I first signed up on JDate, I did not think that I would meet my soul mate who is now my best friend and partner in life. I would tell people to be patient and open-minded, because you never know; you may just meet your soul mate the day after you sign up!

Avital and Jonathan
Jersey City, New Jersey

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  1. I congratulate you! You are a lovely couple.

    Sorry if I write wrong.

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