How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
In 2015, I was on JDate and saw a profile that I liked. I sent a message inviting the user to view my profile. I did not hear back from him. From Israel’s point of view, he is Israeli and was looking for someone who could speak Hebrew. However, he liked my photos and my profile, so he kept the message and looked at the photos and profile on a regular basis.

Five months went by and Israel could not find what he was looking for, so he decided that he could not look only for a Hebrew-speaking lady and immediately contacted me. However, I was off the site.

Every day, he checked his email hoping to hear from me, but there was no response. But Israel is a patient man and he thought that it had taken him five months to write to me, and that I would do the same.

But as fate would have it, three months later I reopened my account with JDate and took out a six-month membership. On day one, I saw the message from Israel asking me to phone him. I saw it had been written three months before, so I wrote to him explaining that I had been offline and was back on the site and asked if he still wanted me to call him. His reply was simply “Yes, please call me.”

I did, and we spoke for an hour and a half and made arrangements to meet for dinner the following night. From that first phone call, we felt as if we had a connection, and Israel kept saying during the conversation, “I see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Describe the moment you knew it was true love! I must admit that when I walked into the restaurant, I had a lot of attitude because I had been through all the stories one hears about when dating. But this appealed even more to Israel because he could see that I was REAL and that I wore my heart on my sleeve! When I walked in, his first words to me were, “Wow, you are real!” As people who are dating are aware, some people post old photos and give the incorrect age. Israel and I were not like that; we posted current photos and our real age and so when we met, there were no surprises.

I did not go back onto JDate after our first date, so my six-month membership was used for only one message … but I found my bashert on that first day, so it was well worth it. We both hid our profiles and dated exclusively. We started dating in February 2016 and have never looked back. In October 2016, we got engaged, and on August 6, 2017, we got married.

What advice would you give other JDate members?
What we are really hoping to achieve by our story is that JDate works! We would never had met each other if it was not for JDate. We want other couples to have faith, to be positive and to go after what their heart desires!

Israel and I both approached the dating scene differently. I went on 48 coffee dates with a positive attitude and good intentions. Israel, however, sat on the sidelines; he only went on a few dates. If he did not like the profile or photos or first phone conversation, he waited it out. But, we both knew that in the end, we would have a happy ending. We are mindful always of how lucky we are to have found each other and to be given a second chance at finding happiness.

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