The Kibitz Corner is back. This time, JDate is asking its members, “What does it mean to you to be Jewish?”

1. Getting to tell everyone that my people are less than 1% of the world’s population and are 90% of the world’s news. And it means eating amazing food.

VladimirCB0F, 26, Single, Man seeking a Woman, San Diego, CA

2. Distinctive ethnicity, people-hood, monotheism, Israel and Jerusalem.

Multiling…, 56, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, New York, NY

3. Flipping latkes, spinning dreidels, quoting Reb Nachman of Breslov, defending Israel’s right to exist and resisting the power of bacon but still rolling on Shabbos…

tonecrafter, 35, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Los Angeles, CA

4. Chopped liver, gefilte fish, guilt, stuffed cabbage, kasha varnishka’s, guilt, latkes, kreplach, guilt. Two cents plain (for you non-New Yorkers, Seltzer. For the older folk, club soda and for the youngsters, Perrier).  

MaxBialys…, 61, Divorced, Man seeking a Woman, St Petersburg Beach, FL

5. Having the highest bagel standards (and don’t even get me started about my pastrami requirements).

strad3, 39, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Caldwell, NJ

6. Feeling like part of a huge “family”, that no matter where you are, if you meet another Jew, you’ve got something in common that most people don’t (and can’t) have. and it’s kind of hard to put it into words.

rochel412, 19, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Monsey, NY

7. Being able to speak your mind and understanding and weighing on different opinions. Plus, the matzo balls don’t hurt.

Boulderskies, 46, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, Boulder, CO

8.  A cultural identity. A link in a never-ending chain. Belonging. Supporting Israel, our homeland, our people.

Lynda1231, 66, Widowed, Woman seeking a Man, Van Nuys, CA

9. Always learning, and knowing when I light the Sabbath Candles I am adding light to all the other candles being lit at the same time.

Nancy0BBD, 58, Widowed, Woman seeking a Man, Fredericksburg, VA

10. Thinking in Yiddish even though I don’t speak the language!

readynow4…, 52, Divorced, Man seeking a Woman, Nyack, NY