Alright, folks – I hate to break it to you, but we are all a little crazy. While the “we” here typically refers to the ladies, you’re not getting off the hook, boys; you have your quirks, too! But you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

Embracing The Crazy

I can actually say with complete confidence that my ex-boyfriend (who I actually met on JDate) thought I was a nut job at certain points during and after our relationship. And while I agree I probably was a bit too “cray-cray” at times with said ex-boyfriend, being a little nutty once in a while is okay as long as you own it (and as long as it’s not the “bad” kind of crazy).

Here’s the deal, ladies. You should be who you are and no one else. You shouldn’t alter who you are or what you believe in just to please someone else. If who you are is a little nutty, then that’s great. Own it; be nutty. Find your person who is going to embrace you exactly as you are – nutty and all – and never try to change that part of you. In all honesty, crazy is much more fun and exciting than boring. Nobody wants a boring girl. Being a little cuckoo is where it’s at.

The Difference Between Good Crazy And Bad Crazy

While having a bit of a crazy side can make life more exciting, there are times when “crazy” behavior flat-out crosses the line. Check out these examples of “bad crazy” to see what I mean:

  • You go on a first date, and you think it goes great. You actually believe it’s love at first sight and you can’t stop smiling when you get home. You don’t hear from the guy that night before bed or the next morning, so you freak out. You start texting him to ask a million questions and hint at a second date. Pump the brakes. THIS IS NOT OKAY.
  • You are dating a guy who happens to have a best friend who happens to be a girl. They are just friends, yet you seem to think any time they’re together, they hook up. You pick fights with your guy anytime he makes a plan to hang out with her and then you proceed to join in on their plans because you can’t handle them being alone together. Spoiler alert – THIS IS NOT OKAY.
  • Your boyfriend breaks up with you and you’re heart broken. He says he needs his space, but you don’t respect his wishes. You proceed to call and text him constantly and you don’t give him the space he asked for and deserves. Take a super-strength chill pill. THIS IS NOT OKAY.
  • Your ex-boyfriend starts dating a new girl and you stumble upon a picture of them on Facebook or Instagram. You then proceed to stalk her on social media to the point where you figure out where they hang out and happen to “show up.” OMG THIS IS SO NOT OKAY.

I think you get the point. DO NOT cross the line into “bad crazy” territory because it never ends well. However, if you’re just naturally the good kind of crazy, that makes you who you are, so you do you. Be loud. Talk a lot. Express your opinions. The right person will absolutely love it, I pinky promise.

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