If you’re wondering how to get that beautiful woman on JDate to finally agree to a coffee date, you’ll have to be smooth in your delivery. It’s critical that you avoid a few mistakes that some guys make in their attempts to woo a Jewish girl. We ladies know you gentlemen have lines that you like to fall back on, but they rarely achieve the desired effect. Here are four of the notorious pick-up lines that just won’t fly when you’re trying to date a Jewish woman.

1. “You Remind Me Of My Mother.”

Telling a woman she reminds you of your mother may seem like the biggest compliment ever to you, especially if your mom is amazing in your eyes. But to that woman you’re trying to date, it’s undeniably awkward and confusing. Do you mean she looks old? Is this some sort of Freudian thing? By saying this, you might as well end the relationship right then and there. Telling her she has a lot of qualities you find very impressive or respectable is a much better compliment … and not at all Freudian.

2. “I Have A Real Obsession With The Gym.”

I am a self-proclaimed gym addict and feel awful if I don’t go, but still, I have other interests. So even if your Jewish girl loves the gym, she won’t want to hear about your muscles, weight training, Tough Mudder or CrossFit routine ad nauseam. Instead, impress her with your intelligence, wit and charm. Let the muscles get her a little turned on simply by sight.

If you’re a fit guy, you don’t need to remind her of your each and every abdominal muscle. Do, however, tell her that you’re active and what you generally do to stay fit. You want to tell her how important it is or isn’t in order to find a compatible partner, but don’t forget that there is more to you than being “manly.”

3. “You Had Me At Shalom.”

This is not the time to pull out those jokes you read in some cheesy book when you were in middle school. There’s nothing funny about being “too punny.” So nix the cheesy pick-up lines or she might feel like you’re a total putz or schmekel.

Simply tell her that you find her attractive and interesting, and would enjoy meeting her face-to-face. That’s a much better way to make a good first impression.

4. “You Don’t Look Jewish.”

While it’s not a traditional pick-up line, this is a statement that Jews and non-Jews sometimes say to Jewish women when schmoozing them up. Noting anything about her looks that are associated negatively (like with the word “don’t”) is never a good idea.

For example, if you say, “You don’t look short,” a woman might think, “Is there something bad about being short?” Your comment about not looking Jewish essentially makes it seem like it would be a bad thing if she did – not cool.

Now that you know what to avoid, it should be a little easier to approach that alluring Jewess you’ve had your eye on. Good luck!

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