We all know the term and my guess is we all have seen profiles that advertise as baggage free or looking for someone with no baggage. What in the world does this term really mean? Are we supposed to believe that there are “baggage free” people out there? Unless you have been living under a rock, baggage is inevitable. I prefer to use the term experience. Without experience, human beings have nothing to weigh moments in life against. Do you really want to date someone who hasn’t spent time dating and learning what he/she likes or dislikes in potential significant others? Do you want to date someone who has no clue how to communicate with a romantic partner? Do you want to date someone who has to be molded in every sense of the word? Unless these are qualities you are looking for in another person, remove the word “baggage from your list of dislikes. Baggage; AKA experience, makes us who we are and helps us to not repeat our mistakes.