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cont-mt-batya-shlomo-01Shlomo and Batya were married on Wednesday, December 27, 2000, the 7th night of Chanukah. The wedding was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Batya’s former home. It was a joyous celebration, full of dancing, music, warmth and love. It was an Orthodox ceremony, using the groom’s tallis as a chuppah and draping the couple with another tallis, according to traditional Ashkenazi (German) customs. Following a week of sheva brochos, they are now at home in Oak Park, Michigan.

Shlomo had only been a member for 2 months when he came across Batya’s profile. Shlomo wrote to her, Batya wrote back, they spoke on the phone, and decided to meet in person. Three weeks after the first meeting, they were engaged. And now they are married and making a home together.

cont-mt-batya-shlomo-02We are grateful to Hashem for bringing us together–and through such an unusual and unlikely way. When we tell people we met on the Internet, they are stunned! Thank you for providing this service. May you merit to bring many more couples together!

Batya & Shlomo
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Oak Park, Michigan

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