My friend Greg and his girlfriend moved in together about two months ago… and this past weekend, she moved out. It turns out they cannot co-habitate. It took a lot of bravery on both their parts to admit that it wasn’t working out, and wasn’t going to.

After couples have been dating for a while and are either engaged or living together (or both) they tend to let their ego get the best of them and sweep their problems under the rug, rather than face them and possibly end up on the dating scene again. But ending a bad relationship takes courage. Admitting that you are unhappy, or that the relationship is just not right, takes courage. Starting over after thinking that you had met “The One” takes courage.

Better to break off an engagement, or change your living situation, then to end up married and unhappy and possibly getting a divorce. Don’t worry about what people will think, in fact, they will likely admire you for being brave enough to recognize when something wasn’t right and changing your path.

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