Being single isn’t easy. When you are in a relationship there are times when you look around and perceive that all of your single friends are having the time of their lives, which causes you to feel envious – however I promise you that for one of those fun-filled crazy nights, there are ten nights when we are alone and wish we had someone to greet us when we walk in the door after a long day, lounge with us on the couch with and fall asleep next to.

In the past I have all too often taken too many of the little perks of relationships for granted, and it is only now that I’ve been single for an extended period of time, that I realize how much I miss those things. The feeling of love and security that being in the right relationship gives us is something that a million crazy single nights can never match, which is why people are drawn to relationships and most look to settle down when they believe they have found the right person.

The search for the right person and relationship isn’t necessarily an easy one, and how long it takes varies for each individual. Sometimes, even though we are positive that we’ve found that perfect relationship, it slips through our fingers due to any number of circumstances. But in light of how the process of dating and meeting people might make us feel at times, we have to keep putting ourselves out there. While opening ourselves up to potentially being rejected or hurt isn’t an easy thing to do it is also the only way that we can let someone in and find out if they are right for us.