Many years ago when I was single I had a group of friends who did everything together, particularly watch sports, talk sports and go to sporting events. One guy was married, so his wife came with, and another had a long term girlfriend, but I was the only other girl. So when one of the guys brought a new date around, she was scrutinized. Some girls passed muster easily — she got to know us girls and didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t. If she liked sports, great and if not, not. She didn’t act too good, she wasn’t too loud, she wasn’t too shy, and so on. But others acted a fool. They tried to show off their sports knowledge and cheered too loudly and didn’t try to befriend us women and thought flirting with the other guys would be charming and so forth.

When you meet your date’s friends, be yourself, but also be cognizant of the chemistry of the group. You want to fit in, let everyone get to know you and make sure you show interest in getting to know everyone.  You don’t want to end up standing out for the wrong reasons or rubbing anyone the wrong way. Your date may not care what one friend’s opinion of you is, but your date does care if you fit in well with his posse or not.

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