There isn’t anything much better than cozying up on a cold winter day with a glass of wine (or hot chocolate if that’s more your speed) with nowhere to be and a major Netflix binge waiting in the wings. For me, it’s either action-packed war/FBI/cop-related movies or romantic chick flicks. I know, two opposite ends of the spectrum, but I like what I like! And when it comes to romance movies, I’m seriously such a fan. I LOVE a good love story. I get so embarrassingly lost in them, but I can’t help it!

When it comes to the best on-screen relationships, there are quite a few that stand out in mind, but I decided to narrow it down to 5 – which was tough to do!

1. “The Holiday”

Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Graham (Jude Law) in “The Holiday” are serious #couplegoals. They aren’t only gorgeous, but the sparks between them are palpable. Granted, “The Holiday” is probably my favorite movie there ever was or at least in my top 10 3! I love that they meet in such an unexpected way, and it ends up being the most deep love. And then when Graham’s little girls enter the mix, and they mention the “three musketeers” after Amanda had already said that’s how she referred to her family … cutest ever!

2. “Titanic”

Is there a more iconic on-screen couple than Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) in “Titanic?” From two completely different walks of life, they find each other, and love each other, no matter what stands in their way. While it certainly doesn’t end with them by each other’s side forever and ever, the love runs deep (pun intended), and it shows that love like that can (and does) exist.

3. “Pretty Woman”

I like that Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward (Richard Gere) in “Pretty Woman” also are from two completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but end up having an undeniable connection; they make it work no matter how many odds are stacked against them. Even when you don’t think it’ll work out, it does. It ends on the happiest note, and it ends with you feeling good. You can’t help but smile when you watch this one.

4. “When Harry Met Sally”

“When Harry Met Sally” is also one of my top movies, and I know I’m not alone in that one, right? Sally (Meg Ryan) and Harry (Billy Crystal) are that couple, the one everyone knows; they start off essentially despising each other, but somehow end up falling in love. Initially, they both hate to admit it, but they can’t keep hiding from it, and they turn into one of those couples you love to hate. So good!

5. “Love Actually”

When it comes to the best holiday movies, “Love Actually” always tops the list, but I love it year round, if we’re being honest. Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) and Prime Minister David (Hugh Grant) are just the most adorable. And when David goes door to door to find her towards the end of the movie, I mean … all the feels in the world! It’s just an all-around feel-good movie, and their relationship simply makes me happy. Coming in close second would have to be Jamie and his girlfriend; they start off not being able to speak to each other due to a language barrier, and end up both learning each other’s language and getting engaged … swoon!

I know there are tons of incredible couples in movies, but I had to cut it off somewhere, and these were the ones that came to mind first. Like I said, I love a good rom-com! I’d love to hear about your favorite on-screen romances in the comments below!

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