Beth and Adam

Dear JDate,

Beth’s Version:

JDate worked for me. Who would have thought that after being on and off the site for quite some years, that I would suddenly meet my soul mate when I least expected it? I have been told so many times that when the time is right I will “just know” when I have met “The One.”

Adam contacted me through JDate and stated something like, “You look cool. We should talk” – not an elaborate email describing his top 100 attributes.  His email was short and to the point. We talked on the telephone a few times and met within three days. Our first date was a casual outside lunch, which lasted 4 hours. When I left Adam after that first lunch, I knew that there was some great potential there. Somehow, I intuitively felt the connection and mutual chemistry.

Our second date was three days later: a 3-hour dinner date. We had so much to talk about and the time just seemed to fly by. Within two weeks, I knew that Adam was “The One” and that I did not want to be apart from him. Obviously, the feeling was mutual. We met on Saturday, November 29, 2008 and Adam proposed to me on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2009). We were engaged two and a half months after meeting each other. We will be getting married on Sunday, October 25, 2009.

Thank you JDate for making it possible for me to meet the most incredible man I have ever known. I feel so incredibly blessed because I had almost given up on love. I am so happy that I did not give up because otherwise I would not have met my true soul mate.

Adam’s Version:

Life is funny sometimes the way it works. My JDate membership was three days away from expiring. I was getting a bit frustrated at the time spent on and off of JDate and was considering taking a break. I logged on to turn my auto-renewal off, when up popped Beth’s profile on my home page as a possible match. I liked her smile so I figured what the heck? Since she was from New York, I decided to just get to the point – no muss, no fuss. Much to my delight, she responded. We quickly exchanged phone numbers. We set up a time to meet even quicker. This was the first, first date in a long time that I had actually felt good about. We had talked so much on the phone in such a short time that I was somewhat worried if we would find anything else to talk about. That was not the case. Time flew by and before I knew it, it was four hours later.

In the next two weeks we saw each other about six times and ever since then we have been inseparable. It has taken me a long time to find the person I am supposed to be with, but, it has been well worth the wait. I proposed on Valentine’s Day, which I had always thought was kind of cheesy, but that was when I was spending it with the wrong people.

Our families thought we were crazy at first; but since then, her father has thanked me for bringing a smile back to his daughter’s face, and my mother now has the daughter she never had. But beyond that, I have found the woman and the person who has touched my life and heart in ways I had always hoped, but didn’t think was possible.

Beth & Adam
Reseda, California

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  1. You guys look great together, like true besherets, like one neshama split in two. Thanks for posting a wonderful love story, giving faith much needed to all of us jewish singles, still looking. Mazal Tov to u both!!!

    p.s. Would love to see your wedding picture :-).

  2. Beautiful love story. Wish you the best. Yes, it does help to hear that
    some people do find happiness through the internet. So many others won’t
    even try!

  3. when it’s right, it’s right. Congratulations!

  4. You give the rest of us hope, truly. That is my reason for being here on Jdate, offering a small sliver of hope that I will be as happy as you are someday. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you much happiness!!!! Mazel tov.

  5. Congratulations Beth and Adam!

    Your love story is wonderful. I am confident that Adam will have a great future with Beth, and visa versa. Although I never personally met Beth, because I was a busy law student living in San Diego whereas she lived in Los Angeles, we connected on JDate and had several lengthy and very enjoyable telephone conversations. My loss is Adam’s gain! Mazel tov….

    Robert W.G. Grosz, J.D.

  6. What a wonderful love story. Thank you for sharing. Yes, you can meet your true love on line. I met my soul mate on line (Prodigy) sometimes in November 1994 when I first moved to Washington, DC for a job transfer with the Feds. We got engaged February 1995 and got married September 1997. We had a wonderful life together considering I grew up with another culture (Filipino). His families and relatives welcome me to the families. We were very happy and looking forward to enjoying retirement. Unfortunately, colon cancer claimed him about 5 years ago.

    True love is hard to fine but it can happen.

    Anyway, Beth and Adam, congratulations on your incoming marriage. Take care of each other.

  7. Really nice story, so glad for you both! Mazel Tov and much happiness to you both!

  8. Beth and Adam –
    What a beautiful love story. One we all dream of having. Thanks for giving me hope.
    I am sure you had an extremely beautiful wedding. Mazel Tov and the best of luck to you both.

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