Dear JDate,

cont-mt-bethany-richBethany was divorced six years and had been on and off Internet dating sites for a couple of years when she decided to join JDate in the summer of 2001. Richard was separated for several years and had joined JDate about a year earlier than Bethany. Richard had been perusing JDate frequently, emailing, talking and dating people on occasion. He noticed Bethany’s new profile in his search area and was immediately captivated. It took a few days, but then he contacted her. After a witty exchange of a bunch of emails, they graduated to the phone and from there, to a one-hour coffee at Starbucks.

The hour went by like a minute, and at the end of the hour, Richard asked Bethany to join him for dinner the next Saturday night. They immediately began dating, and then 4 months later, the dating became exclusive. After another 18 months of serious involvement (and a long-sought divorce), Richard took Bethany on a hike up a mountain, and at the summit, to Bethany’s surprise and delight, Richard proposed with a ring he had carried up in his pocket. Needless to say, Bethany floated down the mountain. Then in a period of four months, they each sold their respective houses, bought a third, moved in and got married! Bethany and Rich are now living happily in Cranbury, NJ.

Thank you JDate!

Bethany & Rich
Cranbury, New Jersey

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