Think about what you look for when you’re scrolling through profiles on JDate. Whether you’re looking at the list or tiles of profiles, what you’re really doing is waiting for someone’s profile to jump out at you. It could be the name that first catches your eye. Maybe it’s their photo or something they’ve written. Consequently, it’s those same things that can potentially turn you off and make you keep scrolling by someone’s profile, even if they may actually be a good match. What mistakes could you be making that turn off JDaters before they even read your profile? These are the four biggest dating profile mistakes to avoid.

1. Profile Name
If you’re using the computer-generated screen name that you’re automatically assigned when you create an account, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Not changing your profile name to a customized name shows a lack of effort as well as a lack of creativity. That said, don’t create an obnoxious profile name that will make prospects recoil; avoid anything profane or overly boastful. Instead, aim for a name that conveys something interesting about you.

2. Last Logged On
There’s nothing more disappointing than finding a promising online dating profile only to glance down and notice that they haven’t logged on for more than three months – or one month, or even just one week. If you want people to view your profile, you need to be more active and log on regularly. If you haven’t logged on recently, you could be missing out on some great matches who don’t want to waste their time on someone who won’t respond for weeks.

3. Photos
This is the golden ticket. Having a fantastic profile photo is obviously the easiest way to grab someone’s attention. Choosing the right photo for this main slot is key – no sunglasses, no hats and no other people in the photo. In fact, something that resembles more of a head shot is even better! Let your great smile and genuine eyes capture someone as they’re scanning through what could be dozens of matches on quite a few pages. A photo where you’re too far away or blurry will not pull someone in. You also don’t want to show too much skin – that goes for both genders! Don’t attract prospects for the wrong reasons.

4. Profile Questions
You have an inventive screen name, you’ve been logging in regularly and your profile photos are on point. You’ve got views, but are they translating into emails? If not, then it’s likely because of the answers to the profile questions. For starters, you need to answer the questions if you haven’t already. A blank profile is like arsenic – it will kill your chances. Once you start answering or editing your answers, make sure you’re not letting the annoyances of the dating process seep through in your tone. Sounding passive-aggressive, desperate or overly sarcastic throughout your answers is a turn-off. You want prospects to be able to read through your profile and gain insights into your personality, so take it seriously while balancing it with your humor or other unique traits.

Getting someone to pause on your profile while they scroll takes some effort. But once you put in the work to enhance your JDate profile, you can expect to see those emails rolling in. Just be sure you stay active on the site so you can respond quickly!

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