In politics, so I hear, bipartisanism is a good thing because it promotes cooperation and junk. People always say that politics needs to be more bipartisan. However, the only times our two political parties come together are during horrific national tragedies.

You never see Republicans, during peace time while our children are failing out of schools, decide to reroute some military spending to public schools. You never see Democrats, during good economic times, decide to lower taxes. However, when a monstrous hurricane threatens to decimate the most populous area in the nation, both groups decide that they should get along so that most of America doesn’t die.

While I’m glad that during, for example, 9/11, President Bush didn’t decide to aggressively push his controversial ‘Deport All Poor People’ platform, I wish that government would get along even during times that they don’t really have to.

In a long-term relationship, people tend to be closest during trying times (i.e. death in the family, a lay off, natural disaster, serious illness, delay of the McRib, etc.). However, I suppose day-to-day life, while generally more pleasant, can also be more fraught with frustration. The little things that you tend to ignore during emergencies tend to surface. Okay, so he left the toilet seat up and she lets her brother sleep in the bed with you. At least you’re both healthy and have a home and enough money to support yourselves.

Don’t wait for urgency to necessitate cooperation. Either of you could die at any second. Tragedy could hit anywhere at any time. What I’m saying is, just let your girlfriend’s brother sleep with you guys.

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