A leading body language expert recently said that a woman should sit next to a man — rather than across from him — if she wants him to open up. The expert went on to say a man feels less intimidated and more intimate when the woman is sitting next to him. That would be okay once you’re in a serious relationship and can sit together on the couch, but how does that work when you’re just dating? Are you going to sit next to him in a restaurant and the both of you can either look at a wall, or at the crowd, or strain your necks craning to look towards each other? It doesn’t really make sense. I guess you could always make a list of restaurants which you know have booths and then request to sit there…

Body language is very important, but don’t try to force something because an expert tells you to. Leave the tip above for when you are in a serious relationship and keep to the tried and true body language tips for dating:

  • smile a lot
  • make eye contact
  • play with your hair
  • lean in towards him
  • don’t cross your arms
  • touch his arm or leg for a moment when you laugh or to show concern
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