There we were on a Tuesday evening partaking in the fun festivities of restaurant week.  Always a great excuse to try some new uber restaurants.  The succulent food, eye candy environment, great company, and veritas wine made for a wonderful evening.  The one hiccup was the service. Since servers depend on tips which are determined by their actual “service,” it amazes me when it falls below average.  Trust me, I waited on tables for five years so I understand that customer service is not an easy job, nonetheless, the one responsibility is to make it a stress free, relaxing evening and deliver the food.  This rings true with the higher expectations one generally has when dining at the swankiest of restaurants.  This sentiment relates to dating and business as well.  Whether it is your client business or a dating scenario, I think we are all seeking to feel special and understood.  It seems simple, but it’s so often overlooked by only seeing things from your own perspective rather than the patron, client or date.  Small, selfless gestures go a long way is all I am saying.  Perhaps, though a charmer, Bond, James Bond, understood this secret the best.

#44 Walking a dog in the park…double trouble and a great way to meet that hottie next date.