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Bonnie and Mike

Dear JDate,

After JDating for over a year, on the last week before my membership expired, I was contacted by a guy I dubbed ‘Mr. Too Cool.’ You see, all of my JDates had something that stood out about them that earned them a nickname. It made telling my friends stories about my JDates entertaining. Here is this super good-looking Jewish guy, interested in me! Really? There are thousands of girls on JDate! But little did I know, he felt the same way about me. So we finally made plans to meet at the dog park and then eat lunch outside with our dogs. To me, this was an amazingly great date! When I first saw him get out of his truck, that March 22nd with this cute puppy, I knew right away that he was my type of guy. As the day went on and it started getting dark, our park-and-lunch date turned into a park-and-dinner date! The conversation was flowing! It was a very unforced, inartificial date – we just clicked.EC091211-thumb_Bonnie_Mike

Then in the beginning of May, ‘Mr. Too Cool’ (Mike) was hit by a car on his motorcycle. I ended up taking time off of work to go down to Miami to care for him and his pups. My birthday was quickly approaching. Little did I know, my friends were planning a surprise party. Mike was invited to celebrate and meet all my friends and my mom for the first time. He was still on pain medicine from the accident, so needless to say, he did not make a great first impression. That concerned me. My friends and family are so close to me that it was important that they liked and approved of him. But, regardless of what they said at the time, I was head over heels for Mike, ‘Mr. Too Cool.’

As time passed, he was able to meet everyone in a non-medicated state. Little did I know, one of those times, he asked my mom for my hand in marriage! On December 15, he proposed. We decided to be together for the rest of our lives. Only one problem: by then, Mike had taken a job three hours away from me. We commuted every weekend to see each other until I got a job closer to him. We got married with my mom’s good wishes and my dad even flew in from Israel for the wedding!

Despite all of our hurdles, with each other’s love and support we were able to achieve a loving and amazing life together. The best part is that we can both now share it all with our closest and best friend – each other. We got married one year after first meeting, but we treat each other like we’re always on another first date!

Because of you, JDate, after all of my dates and just before my membership ended, I met my Mr. Right.

Many thanks!

Bonnie and Mike
Lakeland, Florida

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  1. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. You two are a beautiful fit.

  2. Love it! And the pictures that go with the story are great too!

  3. Dear Bonnie and Mike!

    It was very exciting to read your story !!!
    Actually, I always thought that the stories that usually published are a public relations gimmick … I admit I was wrong.

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