We all have habits that we don’t realize we do, but when you’re on a date or starting a relationship those bad habits are put under a microscope. Bite your nails down to the bloody nubs? No better time to quit than when you want to hold hands with your significant other. Twirl, chew or pick your split-end hair? Perfect time to keep your locks glossy by leaving them alone. Crack your knuckles? Snap your gum? Clear your throat incessantly? You most likely have a habit you do sub-consciously – you know you do it, but you aren’t aware how often you do it nor how annoying it is – but your new partner will begin to notice once you start spending a lot of time together. Don’t get defensive when your date asks you to stop or points out how often you do that something, and instead take the opportunity to break the bad habit once and for all.

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