I’m from Southern killer California, so very few things still excite me – and the Jewish coming-of-age ritual pretty much YMCA’d me out back in seventh grade. So bar & the fairer bat mitzvahs definitely don’t make my weekend top-50 list pretty much ever – until now. Thanks to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles & JDate, we can take our DeLoreans for a spin (now that we actually have our licenses) and kick it old school in the spandex, latex and ever-chic tuxedo shirt for a bar mitzvah night you wish you could have enjoyed back in the day (now that you can actually use and abuse the open bar). I’ve rounded up my Heathers and my make shift brat pack will be making an appearance at the uber sweet simchah. On August 8th, we’re bringing thirteen back. Even Molly Ringwald’s escapades will pale in comparison. So get ready to “b/b m” the night away and bring even the slightly more elusive blasts from our pasts into the new millennium – Los Scandalous style. Every second, every moment, we’re gonna- gonna make it last.