Dan barely met the deadline for asking Brooke out… it was a close call. After weeks of talking online and emailing back and forth, Dan was playing hard to get – and Brooke was getting frustrated with not meeting the man she knew was perfect for her.

On the day Dan promised to call, Brooke was super sick, but was so anxious to talk to Dan that she risked sounding like a man on the phone. Dan was very accepting of Brooke’s vocal afflictions and decided to give her a fair shake. They soon went on their first date. Dan was initially impressed by Brooke’s exquisite selection of jewelry, the way she would swing her arm in a cute way when she walked, and her infectious giggle. Brooke was in awe of Dan’s hilarious sense of humor.

They became “Official” after a month of dating and it has been heaven and kisses ever since.  Brooke and Dan were engaged in September of 2013 and are planning a wedding for October 12, 2014.

Their Tips for Other JDater®s:

“Don’t take yourself too seriously; have a sense of humor about the process. It will take time; we each had to go through a number of bad dates to find good ones.”

Brooke and Dan
San Diego, California

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