Last night on Californication, the main guy Hank Moody, launched like a bat out of hell into this tirade about how dating is merely a means to an end. Granted the not-entirely-reformed rake was at one point willing to sacrifice his many women for a life with just one, but after getting shot down by the realistic (and oh so depressing) notion that the union would be more like solitary confinement rather than a blissful state of mind, he bought a one-way ticket right back to his old ways. Old habits do indeed die hard, and his eagerness to sample every one of the thirty one flavors of women was really quite astounding – purely from a stamina point of view. So while Moody is multitasking women like it’s going out of style, it wasn’t exactly because he found joy from any of the several girls by his side. It was simply because what’s a better way to heal old wounds than by a distraction, or two, or thirty one? So while we girls remind ourselves not to hate the player, but hate the game – remember that just because we’ve been wounded doesn’t mean the man of the moment hasn’t as well. Patience is a virtue, and while time is absolutely of the essence, it’s not a make it or break it type of scenario. So while you’re at home crying over enduring another insufferable Lifetime movie moment, remember that the happily ever after is still out there – you may just have to get up and change the channel yourself.