I was thinking this morning that even though I have written and published over 40 pieces for JBlog I really have no idea as to whether or not anyone likes them, or if I write about anything that is remotely helpful to people. However, as I continued to think about how I am someone who appreciates an honest evaluation from time to time my thoughts began to shift to what it would be like if people critiqued each other after dates or at the end of relationships?

Okay, first, let me back up. Most of us have been on a date that we thought went exceedingly well only to never hear from the other person again, and in those situations we are always left wondering what the heck happened?! Did I misinterpret signals? Was I so caught up in enjoying myself that I completely missed the fact that the other person wasn’t having a good time?

If you have experienced a situation where, after its conclusion, you contemplated any, or all, of those questions then perhaps you also felt an urge, even if it was a slight one, to find out from the other person what exactly went wrong. However, you can’t necessarily just call up the other person and ask, and even if you could who knows how honest they would be.  Or, once they started to tell us, would we regret having asked in the first place?

You see, as I thought about the concept of honest dating evaluations I realized that, even though it might seem preferable to not know exactly what happened, or went wrong, to modify a quote from “A Few Good Men,” I’m not sure I could handle the truth. So, I guess that puts me back at square one, back in post date purgatory where I know there was something that went wrong or didn’t jive but I’m not sure what; however, if I’m truly “honest” with myself would I really be that much better off if I knew?