Dear JDate,

cont-mt-carrie-markCarrie first contacted me in the middle of August, through It wasn’t until about 2 weeks later that we first spoke on the phone, a phone call that lasted 4 1/2 hours. Our first date was on September 14, 1999. During the first couple of months, we realized that we had so much in common that it was beginning to get weird. We saw each other 4 to 5 times a week and spoke on the phone every night for hours. To this day, since our first date, we have yet to go a single day without speaking. A couple of months ago, on May 27, 2000, Carrie and I were engaged, and we are set to be married on March 18, 2001. I can’t image my life without her, and I believe that we are truly meant to be together forever. We want to thank for helping us find each other. If it wasn’t for you, we may never have met.

Thank you.

Carrie & Mark
Houston, Texas

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