The Modern-Day Story of Boy Meets Girl… Online

The Jewish online Gods must have come together and decided that our fate would be held in the hands of the magical Jewish online dating site, Neither of us can remember our first correspondence with each other back in the early summer of 2008… but Carrie remembers seeing that Mikey viewed her JDate profile, so she decided to be somewhat aggressive and contact him directly.

The First Phone Call

After a series of flirty emails and Instant Messages, Mikey called up Carrie. They spoke nonstop on the phone for two hours that evening. She thought he seemed really funny, outgoing and personable on the phone — and also maybe a bit of a schmoozer/big talker, but she was super excited to meet in person.

They decided to meet up that Friday night, May 29, 2008 for their first date. The day before (on Thursday, May 28th), Carrie was out to lunch on her work break and received a phone call from Mikey. He was traveling on the road for work and told her he was so excited to meet in person that he was wondering if she would like to go out Thursday night as a pre-date to the first-date. She vividly remembers sitting at lunch while on the phone with him when he said, “A little birdie told me you were dying to see me sooner, and he wants to know if you can meet Thursday night.” Naturally, Carrie was beyond excited and had a great feeling about this guy. He was a confident and funny sweet-talker, and that was incredibly attractive to her.

The Highly Anticipated First Date

Thursday night arrived and Mikey met Carrie outside of her apartment building. As he walked out to meet her, she remembered thinking, “He’s so cute! Yes!” They hugged hello and good vibes instantly began to swirl. Carrie suggested they go around the corner to her local go-to first date spot, a casual Mexican bar & restaurant. Mikey said he wasn’t hungry and chose not to order any food. They proceeded to chat away and smile at each other, totally into their conversation as they asked each other the typical first-date questions. Carrie could sense that he was into her from the get go; he was making direct eye contact all night and she thought that was a great sign.

At one point in the night, Michael smiled as he sipped his margarita on the rocks while sitting across from Carrie, looked at her and said in a sweet way, “You’re so adorable.” Carrie jokingly turned around, looking to see if perhaps he was talking to some other girl. While Carrie slowly sipped her frozen strawberry margarita, Mikey jokingly made fun of her by sarcastically asking, “Do you want a nurse with that straw?” Mikey proceeded to drink maybe three or four of these (and on an empty stomach, which leads us into the next chapter….)

The Unfortunate Post-Date Aftermath

The rest of the night becomes a little blurry. When Carrie and Mikey left the restaurant, she realized there was no way Mikey could drive home. She felt bad, so instead of throwing her new crush in a cab, she made a rare exception and let him sober up for a while. (She wondered if perhaps this was his master plan all along.)

Let’s just say the evening went downhill fast — and it was a huge bummer, especially after enjoying such a fun, chatty evening. Michael spent a better part of the late evening on the bathroom floor, hugging “the porcelain goddess.” He ended up apologizing and telling her he was so excited to meet that he skipped dinner, came home from his flight, and drove straight to Downtown Chicago to meet up. She told him that was not a smart idea, and that he should have ordered some food, or at least nibbled on the chips and salsa that sat on the table untouched!

The Second Chance

The next afternoon at work, Carrie received a delivery of flowers. The attached note said, “I’m Sorry About Last Night – Michael.” She thought that was a sweet gesture. (She later found out that he felt so bad about how the night ended, he asked his mom what to do and she said, “Send her flowers A.S.A.P!”)

Carrie thought long and hard about whether or not to cancel their plans for that evening, and she nervously went back and forth in her head deciding what to do. She decided to give the guy one more chance to make a respectful impression (after all, they did hit it off so well on their first date!) She thought he deserved one more chance because… well… what if she never talked to him again and then was left to always wonder what could have been?

Carrie and Mikey went out for a casual dinner the next evening – Michael stuck to soda and drank no alcohol. The night went great and… well… the rest is history!

Three and a Half Years Later…

On the evening of Saturday, December 24th, 2011, Michael asked Carrie to marry him while standing under the twinkling stars in Grand Cayman Island. She said, “YES!” They exchanged vows and said their “I Do’s” on the beach in sunny Miami Beach, Florida on November 3, 2012.

Carrie and Michael are beyond thrilled to spend the rest of their lives together. Thanks so much JDate for being a part of our love story!

Carrie and Michael
Chicago, Illinois

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