Dear JDate,

cont-mt-charlotte-nealI am writing you this letter to explain to you why I have terminated my subscription in May of this year. I feel it is only fair that you understand what you have done to me, or should I say for me since I joined JDate last year.

I have met some very interesting women here on JDate. You really do not know what to expect when joining an online dating service. There are so many strange people in the world, that it is difficult to trust many situations, especially when the broad scope of your service is literally worldwide. However, I must admit that for the most part, the women I met through your service were very nice, but unsure of themselves, let alone what they wanted in a date or mate.

And then it happened! I met and fell head over heals in love with the perfect woman! Oh yes, there is such a thing. I was online this past Valentine’s Day and I received an instant message from one of your female members. She stated that we were destined to meet, and you can’t imagine my surprise, for I had seen her before. Yes, that’s right, I had a premonition about this very woman not 2 nights prior, and here she was, her photo exactly as I had seen her. No folks I am not strange, and this was surely a sign.

So for several months, we communicated via instant message, email and phone. We finally made arrangements to meet, and on May 1,2003, I met this vision of loveliness in a very public place, somewhere between our two locations. We met at the main bus terminal in Boston. And I must tell you that although I was certain in my heart how I felt about her long before I left home to meet her, I was dazzled once we finally met. I knew then that this was the one woman that could make the rest of my life perfect.

So, on a visit by this lovely angel to my home, we were walking through a rose garden in full and beautiful bloom, when passing by a rose labeled “Perfect Moment,” she remarked that we have spent many perfect moments together. I agreed with her and turned to face her as I said, “And I think this will be one more perfect moment. Will you marry me?” Her answer, instantaneous though it was, sent thrills through my body to know that here was the gal that would complete me.

Together we shall pledge our everlasting love on February 14, 2004, to a new life together as husband and wife, full of romance, dreams of joy and devoted adoration for one another.

To you at JDate, I say thank God for being there. I thank you for being the venue for those of us that still have hopes and dreams of romance and positive, lasting relationships. My entire world has become very clear to me, and I have you folks to thank for opening a window for me to see how beautiful it really is. I hope every member of your service enjoys wonderful experiences through their relationships derived from your site. And should they desire romance and dream of that perfect date, leading to the perfect mate, I stand as a symbol of the fact that it IS possible.

Thank you again…

Charlotte & Neil
Syracuse, New York and Bangor, Maine

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