I assume that some people, like myself, are almost constantly on a budget. If you are not a mogul of some sort, it is still possible to conduct a pleasant evening with somebody prettier than yourself.

Of course, there are the clichéd options like watching a movie at home or going to a park. However, movies are not good places to talk and parks are too hot. There are countless other ways to enjoy a day or evening with a man or woman for very cheap. Recently, I somehow found myself at a museum with a girl. Though it was not a date, I realized that it would make a good one. We actually went to two museums. The first one, an art exhibit, was practically empty. However, while inside the exhibit, I heard the definite sounds of two people having sex with each other. If I were on a date, it would have started feeling very uncomfortable right about then. When we went upstairs, there was a small television with two people having sex on it. There were mothers and children in the exhibit, and it was all very uncomfortable. As the mothers awkwardly left with their children, we stayed to look at the art pieces until we could not take it anymore.

Next, we went to the science museum. By pretending to be my mom and step-dad, we got in for free, though the IMAX still cost money. Though many of the exhibits in the museum haven’t changed since 1983, it was just barely fun enough to not cost any money. At the very least, it had air conditioning, which is probably why the homeless people were there. Looking around, almost everyone there was a couple. This did make me feel a bit inadequate.

In general, though, it is a good idea to spend at least some money on a date. Nothing good is free.