Admittedly, I’m not a social worker, therapist, psychiatrist or the like.  I have no training as such and wouldn’t make any “declaratory” statement regarding addictions.  But the fact that our society is easily grabbing onto the “sex addiction” excuse card trend to try to save marriages is crazy on some level. I think marriage is another ball of wax, especially when kids are involved, so from my vantage point it is much easier to surmise as opposed to being in the scenario.

All I can say for me, is no cheaters need apply. We date, because we enjoy each other. Full Stop.  When that stops being the case we figure out the next step and whether it is worth saving the relationship. Why hold onto something if you desire to cheat?  It just never made sense to me on a basic level.  A relationship is about Trust, once that is compromised, it is very tough to get it back.