Both David and I were always the one in our group of friends who did not date much. We always had other things we were more concerned about. However, that changed when we both graduated college in 2007.

We talked on and off through JDate for four years; neither one of us wanted to make the first move. We both lived at home and were working to further ourselves in our careers. Finally, in 2011 it was all or nothing.

David and I decided to meet for some drinks at a restaurant on a Thursday night in April. It was a typical first date. We sat getting to know each other for a couple of hours, even though we had been talking online through JDate for four years! When it was time to call it a night, we both were still left with some questions.

As the weeks went on, and we went on a couple more dates, we knew we had quite a lot in common. We also knew that it just may work. David popped the question nine months later! He always said when he found the right one, there would be no reason to wait!

Thank you!

Cheryl and David
Northbrook, Illinois

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