I adore going out dressed in couture, accessorized with stilettos I can barely balance in, and armed with the best gossip as much as any other girl from Los Scandalous. What in the world is a girl to do when sex in this city gets too haute to handle and she finds herself in need of a break from all the Lifetime movie moments? Head out for a night of drinking, debauchery, and endless Guitar Hero with the boys. This little sneak peek into the male psyche is more than enlightening, it’s entertaining as hell! When the gloves come off and the shots go down, it’s completely apparent that when it comes to life, love, and sex, guys and gals are more often than not on the same level. The problem is this little convo of ours involving twisted tales of past sexcapades was only divulged within our less-than-holy trinity. So Judas Priest, the son, and me, being paler than a ghost, sat at our very own last supper of sorts forgetting the gender roles expected of the fair sex and my bff’s best friend – in a manner so becoming of any Guitar Hero – prophesized point blank, that girls are the new guys. I can’t say I disagree. All-American girls from all over the country are transforming the dating game into a truth-or-dare scenario that may very well turn into seven minutes in heaven. But if Daddy’s little angel is hell-bent on messing with your male mind, don’t forget you can walk away too. All’s fair in love and war. So if girls are indeed the new guys and sex is a level playing field, then I suggest both genders see what positions and scenarios work best for them; because horizontal, vertical, from the bottom, or the top, you can only get stabbed in the back. Just depends who submits to whom, and who taps out first. I strongly suggest conditioning in the wonderful world of contact dating. Who knows, maybe Lifetime will look more like FX soon.