Dear Gems from Jen,

I am just starting to date again and I have a daughter who is a year old.  I have no idea about proper etiquette while dating with kids.  When do you tell them?  What do you say?  When do you introduce?  I am so lost.  Please help me!

Dear Children and Dating Etiquette,

It is very important you disclose your role as a mother from the very beginning. I cannot imagine dating someone and being left in the dark about the presence of a child. Be honest. Your daughter and you are a package deal.  Anyone who you would like to get to know better deserves to know about such an important facet of your life.
All you have to say is you are the proud mother of a beautiful daughter. Let your dates know how important she is to you and what, if any role, her father plays in her life. As for introducing someone to your daughter wait until things get more serious. You don’t want to confuse your daughter or have a stream of dates coming in and out of her life.
Update your JDate profile and let potential suitors know who you are, including your daughter’s role in your life. As long as you remain honest and protect your daughter from meeting every person you have a first date feeling lost will no longer be an option for you.


Gems from Jen