What is a context opener?

Many people often seek online dating help from me in relation to how they should approach women online.  Opening up is half the battle and sometimes this can be very difficult to do.  In order to successfully attract and peak a women’s interest we must survive the initial screening process of the opener.  If this is not done successfully we may, unfortunately, never get to the point where our personalities are able to shine through.

While there are tons of ways that women can be approached, one method is to use a context opener.  A context opener is not always easy to think of, but when used properly they can be highly effective.

Definition of a context opener:  Opening by using something that specifically pertains to what is occurring in the moment, in society at the time, or in pop culture.

An example of this might be something we previously discussed in my Valentine’s Day blog.  Using a context opener pertaining to this situation would involve making a joke, comment, or using a conversation starter that specifically relates to this day.  This is providing a conversation starter that is in context with what is going on in the world around you.

By doing so you will avoid the generic and boring emails that many women receive, and make yourself current, up to date, and original.  So the next time you are wondering how to open, try one of these.  You may just find yourself having plenty of success.

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