My name is Mitch and I met my future fiancée Coralie on JDate! Here’s our story: I was about done with JDate, it seemed I had either dated or wasn’t interested in every person in my area (South Florida). I was getting tired of reading the same things in different profiles over and over again. Then something amazing happened! I came across a profile I had never seen before. She was beautiful but more than that, she had a very intelligently written and funny profile. I was immediately attracted and she happened to be online at the time! So I IM’d her and the rest is history!

From our first “conversation” in Instant Message, I could see this woman was different and special. She was intriguing, extremely smart and very funny. Our first IM session lasted several hours and we agreed to talk on the phone later in the day. I spoke with her that night and it was amazing! We spoke for over three hours! There was one “hitch” however. She was from France and had recently moved to Miami after living in New York for a year. That was no problem except for the fact that she was currently in France for work! She told me she would be back in a few weeks. My immediate reaction was OK that was nice but let’s talk again in a few weeks. I didn’t want to spend all this time getting emotionally invested in a woman I wouldn’t even have a chance of meeting for three weeks!

So against what I thought was my better judgment at the time, we continued to talk on the phone every day, and every conversation was a marathon session of at least two hours. We continued this for a few days and then we decided to do a video call on Skype™. What had been amazing via phone was magnified via Skype. Her beautiful face and amazing smile just enhanced my feelings. We began video chatting nearly every day for hours on end. At this point we were both incredibly excited to meet in person.

There was another hitch for us to overcome however. Cora decided to renew her work visa while in France as she needed to go to the consulate in Paris to do so. This was supposed to be a relatively quick process that would take a week or so. It ended up taking two months! So this entire time we are video chatting almost every day and talking on the phone as well for hours and hours. We have no idea when her visa will be ready, so we just have to wait. After so much time had gone by talking so much, we had covered just about everything about each other. I felt like I knew her better than women I had dated for a year! It was really unique and in hindsight, a wonderful way to get to know her.

Then finally that day came…she texted me that her visa was finally ready and she would be coming back to Miami! I arranged to pick her up at the airport. We were finally going to meet right? Well, not so fast.  Her flight was delayed… hours! I was supposed to pick her up at 6pm and ended up waiting at the airport until 1am! The flowers I had bought for her were almost dead and she was dead tired after traveling for nearly 24 hours, but it didn’t matter. Everything we had felt over the long distance was magnified ten-fold when were finally together. I picked her up at the airport on June 30, 2011 and we have hardly been separated since.

We knew were going to get married within a few months and talked about it openly. I wanted to propose but really wanted to meet her parents first. Since they lived in France, this was not so simple. She had spent a lot of time with my parents and they loved her! After waiting several months, her parents finally came to the states. We spent the weekend with them and it was incredible. They were warm and loving and we immediately clicked. I asked her father for his permission to marry his daughter and his answer was “I have a new son now.” Wow, that made me tear-up just writing that!

It is so unbelievably wonderful to know I am with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and I thank God every day that I found her. So I just ordered the ring, had it custom made for her and it should be ready in a little more than a week. I had been thinking hard about how to do the official proposal when I saw your email today about your new JDate proposal program. I would really love some help making this a dream proposal for Cora as she deserves nothing but the best! Please help if you can!

Mitch and Cora
Boynton Beach, Florida


Sure enough, JDate helped Mitch carry out his dream marriage proposal for Cora on June 29, 2012. After getting to know Mitch and learning the quirky, adorable details about Mitch and Cora’s relationship, JDate and Mitch decided the proposal would take place at the Supercon convention in South Florida, to play into the couple’s affinity for superheroes and …Star Trek. The plan included a bevy of costumed characters surprising Cora on the showroom floor with roses and sweet inside jokes on the showroom floor.  Did she say yes?  Find out by watching the video below!

Update #2:
Cora and Mitch officially tied the knot on November 18, 2012!

Check out the super-sweet wedding photos from these super-hero lovers.

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