You’ve met a special Jewish girl and you are craaaaazy about her. Now, you just need to reel this woman’s interest in ASAP!

Slow down there, partner. Courting a partner is incredibly important and usually takes time, so don’t resort to pushy tactics or bad pick-up lines. The whole process, from the first gesture to the day when you can finally say, “I’ve won her heart,” is vital to wooing someone you are totally head over heels for. And to be completely honest, we women can be complicated. So there is no guaranteed courting equation that can land you the woman of your dreams without fail, but you can still give it a solid fighting chance! Use these six tips to win your favorite Jewish woman’s favor.

1. Feed Her

It’s not just about a dinner date. It’s about feeding the woman you are falling for – or are simply dying to get a date with. A Jewish girl can’t survive on wit and brains alone. The way to a man’s heart is the same route as the way to a woman’s heart, but add in chocolate. If you can cook, that’s even better. Invite her over for a backyard dinner, a park picnic or a wine and cheese tasting.

Time spent whetting her appetite will most likely do more than just whet her appetite … for food. Hopefully, she’ll get a craving for you, too! And hey, skip the kosher wine unless, well, she keeps kosher or it’s the Sabbath.

2. Bring Out Her Nostalgic Side

We all love talking about our childhoods, don’t we? And even more, every single one of us likes to talk about ourselves, even if we are shy. It’s always nice to have an eager party. That said, my friend, if you are a great listener, you will most certainly win bonus points during the courting stage!

So I say, if she went to Jewish camp, ask her to pull out the old photos and talk about her experience. Did she come from an area you’re unfamiliar with? Ask her to share old yearbooks and middle school dance memories. If it’s possible, up the ante and ask her to show you some of her favorite childhood locations. The fact that you care to ask about her past (the positive things, not the negative) shows that you’re a catch.

3. Do The Unexpected

Knock her socks off by planning a unique first, second or third date that doesn’t involve coffee, dinner or drinks. Forget the movies; you can’t even talk to each other. Instead, go for one of those mystery murder dinners, a scavenger hunt, a museum trip, an “escape room” experience or a paint-and-sip event in which you two paint and drink wine. Taking her by surprise is sure to get her attention.

4. Meet Her Friends

Don’t be fearful of the friends – at least, not right away. If you like this woman, show her (not on date one, but after a few dates) that you are interested in meeting her inner circle. It’s super-attractive when a man wants to be a part of our actual daily lives.

5. Be Independent

Whatever you do, don’t be clingy. Show her that you have a life outside of her that’s filled with work, passions, friends and family. Be present and confident. It takes a strong man to catch a strong Jewish girl, so being desperate is not the way to go.

6. Tell Her

You like this Jewish girl? Tell her, already! Generally, Jewish women aren’t afraid to speak their minds. She’ll appreciate it if you’re upfront with her. Just be prepared for her honest answer in return.

Think you can snag the Jewish girl of your dreams? Show her you’re worth a look with these tips for courting her the right way.

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  1. Interesting, but you’re making the assumption that the guy is a nebish. I consider myself a haimisher mensch. I found the best way to meet that girl of my dreams is not to be afraid to be myself and be very honest about everything. I consider myself to be a good cook and an excellent baker of breads and bobka.
    I never come empty handed to a date. I always bring flowers, usually roses and a small loaf of banana nut chocolate bread.

    You’re right, the road to a woman’s heart goes through her stomach.

  2. Jewish people should consider joining the jewish dating site like JDate if you’re serious about giving a shot at finding a life companion or make friends belonging to the Jewish community. It’s easier to find your partner with the same belief and background.

  3. I am a modern orthodox Jewish man, been on Jdate and other Jewish sites.
    With no luck, I am an officer and a gentleman with active military service.
    In shape all my hair and teeth, graduate degree. Not bad looking and a romantic. I know how to treat a lady. But know lady seems to be interested makes me wonder.

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