Dear JDate,

cont-mt-dara-michaelIt was Rosh Hashanah three years ago, and my mother, sister and I were hanging out in the house. I wanted to play on the computer, but my mother wouldn’t allow it during a holiday, unless we went on JDate and looked for boys for my sister. Needless to say, we agreed, and we started searching. We came across Michael’s profile, and I said to my mom and sister that this was the perfect guy for me.

After many more searches and some procrastinating, my sister convinced me to let her write to him since I had never done it before. Michael wrote back a couple of days later, and we went on our first date that week. After our first date, I came back to my sister’s apartment and told her, “This guy will definitely be my boyfriend, and he may even be my husband.” Well, now he is. After a year and a half, we got engaged, and we were married July 3rd.

Michael and I are meant to be together, and we owe it to JDate (and my sister’s persistence) for making it happen. So, thanks.

Dara & Michael
Brooklyn, New York

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