Oh, the bad boys … I always went for the bad boys in my early days of dating. I was so attracted to them. I mean, weren’t we all? Maybe some of us still are! And when I say “bad boys,” I don’t mean criminals; I mean the boys that have an “edge” and, ultimately, end up hurting us. But why do we go for them to begin with?!

The Opposite Of What Your Parents Want

When you’re younger, you’re taught by your parents to be nice, to surround yourself with nice people and to have play dates with the “nice” boys and girls. As we get older and we’re able to make decisions of our own, we want to do just the opposite of what Mommy and Daddy once taught us. If mom says right, you go left; if mom says no, you say yes. It’s just a part of growing up – a rite of passage, really. So, when your parents are totally and completely against you going for a so-called “bad boy,” you immediately go for him, right? No? Maybe that was just me.

As we get older and go through our awkward middle school years and then make our way through high school and college, we’re figuring out who we are, what we want and who we want. While exploring, bad boys are just what many of us are looking for at the time. They’re hot, they’re cool, they’re confident and they’re charismatic. What’s not to like?

When You Start To Have Feelings

What’s not to like is that typically these “bad boys,” at least in my day, ended up wanting nothing more than a fling. In fact, they wanted nothing even remotely along the lines of a relationship or even to go on an actual date. But the thing is, I didn’t seem to mind. Until I started to have feelings for said boy, and then days go by, and another bad boy bites the dust.

And I know it wasn’t just me. I can think of a good amount of my friends who absolutely adored the bad boys. It’s just fun. That’s really what it is. When you’re young and having the time of your life, it’s exciting, it’s a thrill and it’s something different. And it makes for some really good brunch talk with your girlfriends on Sunday Funday. Mimosas and bad boys? Yes, please!

Ultimately, I think there’s nothing wrong with the bad boys, and I think we should all experience them. However, as soon as you’re ready for something more, it’s time to move on from the late nights with these guys. Get yourself a nice man who respects you and treats you well. Maybe the bad boy will turn into a good boy later on in life, but don’t wait around for him. Enjoy him for what he is, and be done with the bad and move on to the good. Your parents will be happy – guaranteed. And you’ll find out that Mom and Dad knew what they were talking about all along.

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