So I had two dates scheduled for last weekend. That’s two dates. To put this enormous number of dates into perspective, the amount of dates I was supposed to go on last weekend outnumbered both the amount of dates I’ve gone on in the last year and the amount of times I shower consecutively before I go out on one date.

I was nervous but extremely excited going into last weekend. I had ideas for what I was going to wear on both evenings. I meticulously planned both dates. I received a text on Thursday that my date for Saturday had to reschedule. It was a little upsetting, but I was more excited about the Friday date, anyway. I couldn’t sleep Thursday night, and woke up at roughly 3 am. I saw that I had missed a text from the night before that basically said that my Friday date also had to reschedule. I spun into a deep depression. I barely made it into work in the morning. My OCD was kicked into overdrive, and I imagined that I would never meet another girl again. I was sweating profusely and shaking violently.

After a bad several days, my first rescheduled date went off well. We went to dinner and I listened, talked slowly, and used good manners when eating a panini. Wow WordPress just told me that ‘panini’ is not a word. My delicious Monday night sandwich would not be pleased with this information.

Anyway the date went well. Since I had not managed to make it to a second date in a very long time, I was really anxious to hear if she wanted to go out again. I texted her a few days later. Wow, ‘texted’ is not a word, either? Anyway, she didn’t write back. I freaked out and convinced myself that no woman would ever love me. I quickly texted a girl whom I had gone on one date with six months ago and never called. Though she was somewhat friendly, I just had no desire to go out with her again. Basically, I was asking myself out on a date with a girl I didn’t like simply because another girl hadn’t answered my text yet. After the date with the girl I didn’t like was confirmed, I finally got a text from the other girl saying she’d like to go out with me again. At least my weekend is full this time.

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