Dating after 30 has its unique challenges. We’re not in college anymore. Online dating is so much work. Everyone has baggage. Everyone is busy. No one seems to be settling down.

The negativity just breeds and breeds and breeds, until it has its own mailing address of: 1000 Downer Street, Downerville, State of Hopelessness, with a zip code of 00000 possibilities!

Well, take that negative attitude and throw it out the window! It’s certainly not going to get you coupled up, so instead of seeing your glass has half-empty, why not view it as half-full? There are actually many reasons dating after 30 is amazing. Read on and be prepared to be positive!

1. We Care Less

When we were in our twenties, we cared about what everyone thought of us. We worried and fretted over what we did, said and wore. What people thought of us defined our view of our own selves.

After we hit 30, we really know who we are and what we want. This means if someone doesn’t like us or accept us for who we are, we move on. We’re not the same young, insecure people that we once were. We own who we are, which makes it easier to weed through the wrong partners more adeptly than when we were in our twenties.

2. We’re Settled

Yes, being settled can make dating harder in a way. Sometimes, people don’t want to make changes to allow someone into his or her life.

But being settled also means being ready. When we have our lives in order, we can pick a partner that reflects how we plan on living and growing old. We come with careers, viewpoints, desires, travels and in some cases, children. We have a life of our own already made so whomever comes along is simply joining us for the ride. We don’t need to rely on someone for happiness – we’re already happy.

3. We’re Confident

All of the above translates into confident people going out and dating! This matters so much. When I look back at myself in time, I see an attractive but unsure person. Today, I am a confident and self-assured person and, honestly, it’s more appealing. That confidence makes for a better partner overall, but especially in the bedroom! After all, confidence is sexy.

4. We Don’t Want Time-Fillers

It was okay to hang out with some in our twenties knowing full well we’d never make the relationship official, but as we get older, it seems like a waste of our precious time with a bad match simply to fill up the time.

This means we have room for all the right people. Instead of wasting a Saturday night with some “fill-in,” I can spend time with friendships that I have cultivated. In this way, my life is much richer. The only people who are actively in my life are the ones I want involved!

5. We’re Experienced

Experience matters. When you’re experienced, you know what you like …  and what you don’t. You’re a better partner because you’ve lived, loved and lost. You’re experienced with sex and are in tune with your body, and you can tune in on someone else’s.

You come with perspective and maturity, and with that comes deep relationships that can go the distance. It may mean fewer apples to polish off, but it means that when you find a good one, you really savor each bite of the relationship.

Dating after 30 is not a death sentence. Neither is dating after 40 or 50 or 60, etc. Dating with a bad attitude is the real killer. It’s all about perspective and the way you see things. If you have a happy life and a good heart, chances are you will attract those who are just like you!

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