The world is ending! The dating world, that is. According to Vanity Fair’s September issue article “Tinder is the Night” by Nancy Jo Sales, we’re suffering a “dating apocalypse.” A “lovepocalypse,” so to speak. Hook-up apps are apparently swiping all the romance from dating. Singles are being bamboozled into believing that instant gratification actually means satisfaction when, in truth, both men and women are slipping out of beds empty-hearted.

While the article heralds the demise of communication and courtship, we believe there is, in fact, a way to survive this dating-mageddon. As an online dating site that encourages singles to take their time and enjoy the process, JDate aims to be your safe haven during the lovepocalypse. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

You’ll still need some amore ammo though, so here are our Top 5 Necessities to Survive the Dating Doomsday:

     1.  Clothes

Private parts are supposedly flying freely across hook-up apps in an assault on our senses. Why not leave a little to the imagination? It’s alluring to see someone online who’s put together in a way that makes you think, “That person has style.” If your view is the ultimate state of undress, how do you know that your date won’t arrive in acid-wash jeans, Crocs and puka beads? That’s the real question!

     2.  A Sense of Humor

In a recent USA Today article, 58% of women say that a sense of humor is essential in a potential mate. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that for a Jewish man or woman, that number skyrockets to somewhere around 90%. Little feels better than laughing with your partner as laughter produces endorphins, our “feel good” hormones. Also, there’s nothing particularly funny about meaningless encounters that leave you feeling lonely and insecure.

3.  Moral Standards

Hook-up sites don’t encourage any sort of moral code. In fact, disrespect runs rampant between both genders. Forget being accompanied home after a hook-up. If you’re accompanied to the door, you’re lucky. Ironically, the Skechers ad in the middle of the Vanity Fair article features a girl in a bandeau dress and heels, holding her Skecher sneakers, with the tagline, “Because Sometimes, a Girl’s Gotta Walk.” No matter what anyone says, the Walk of Shame doesn’t inspire a strong sense of dignity, regardless of your shoes.

     4.  Honesty

Since words are of such little importance on hook-up apps, honesty is superfluous. But when you’re in the real world, making real relationships, honesty is a gift. If you’re letting people know who you are and are proud of your unique qualities, you will find someone who will appreciate you for the long haul. And that’s how romance survives.

     5.  A Future

Now, this one is subjective, which is why online dating on JDate is so beneficial. You might be searching for a spouse or maybe a long-term relationship that could be the start of something bigger. But, everyone ultimately appreciates a partner. Hook-ups are about the next 30 minutes. Relationships are about the next 30 years.

There IS a way to survive the lovepocalypse and start a new world: DATE, in the full sense of the word. JDate is a welcoming gateway to that new world. So, grab your survival kit and come on in. The end game is just the beginning!

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