This time of year there are so many dating distractions that it is even more difficult to find a serious prospect. ‘Tis the season to not get your hopes up about meeting someone new. So many singles are scared to get into a relationship between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve because of all the pressures of adding in the parties with friends and family when the relationship is too young for such serious introductions.

If you do happen to meet someone on JDate or at one of the various holiday mixers in November or December, don’t expect or demand plans for New Year’s Eve. If it happens, great! However, for some reason — probably that midnight kiss and that it “supposedly” means it’s who you’re going to spend that next year with — New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that freaks people out when they’ve just started dating. If you are not ringing in 2013 together, then just send a little text when the ball drops saying, “Cheers to an amazing year!” or “Happy 2013!” or something along those lines. Don’t let the champagne go to your head though and send drunken text messages which you think are cute, but are actually really embarrassing/inappropriate/sending the wrong message.

Once January arrives you can start dating “normally” again without the pressures of the holidays —  and hopefully by Valentine’s Day you will have been going strong for long enough to make plans together.

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