I am so sick of all the indirectness in dating. If you didn’t have a good time on our date, or had fun but aren’t really interested in going out again, then you should tell me. Similarly, if I experience either of those feelings I should be able to politely express to you that I am not going to call and ask you to go out again.

However, that’s not how dating works. Unless you are a mind reader it’s all a big freaking guessing game where you are trying to read the other person’s signals, body-language and subtle gestures like a spy during WWI. To be completely honest I am getting really sick of it.

Are we that fragile as individuals that we can’t be softly rejected, and instead believe that it is better to be lied to than hear the truth? Furthermore, are we that cowardly to the point where we would rather lie to someone and “spare their feelings” instead of just being honest?

Well apparently we are.

Now, I am not here to condemn the rest of society for this phenomenon because I am also a perpetrator of this indignity however I am sick of the half-truths and lies that are a part of the dating culture. This might seem like an altruistic quest, and perhaps to a certain degree it is but I would counter with the fact that the alternative of lying or making up excuses is cowardly and selfish.

So from now on I am going to be honest with the women that I go out with and if I have no intentions of calling them I am no longer going to play coy or act like I will. Instead I am just going to be honest. Perhaps this new progressive approach will earn me a few slaps, but I honestly believe that people will appreciate my gentle honesty in the long-run since, to me, knowing the truth (even if it’s unfavorable) is better than be deceived in order to spare your feelings.