Dear Yente,

I’m an old-fashioned girl who likes tradition when it comes to dating and relationships. I appreciate a man who opens doors for his date, puts thought into his outfit and maybe even brings flowers. Now, I know, this is not 1950 and some people would be weirded out by receiving a bouquet on the first date. But I wouldn’t! How do I find a man who will appreciate tradition as much as I do?!

—Old Fashioned Millennial


Dear Old Fashioned,

You might consider joining an organization that has it’s “traditions” from another era, say The Sherlock Holmes Society or those loonies trying to restore Richard III’s reputation. Of today’s men, I have to say, even when we talk to them, they have questionable comprehension capabilities. Mind-reading has never been one of their greatest skill sets.

Talk to him, darling, with humility and smiles. Ask for what you need. You might start the conversation with “The loveliest thing happened to my friend the other day. A man who wanted her attention sent her a bouquet of red roses. I, myself, prefer white, but the gesture really touched my heart. It takes so little to express affection, don’t you think?”

When it comes to dating traditions, that’s about as subtle as you can be, darling. If he looks at you as if you were a three-headed alien, give up and move on.



Alix KoreyALIX KOREY, who plays Yente in the upcoming revival of Fiddler on the Roof, is a veteran of eight Broadway shows. For her many off-Broadway appearances, she received two Drama Desk nominations, one Outer Critics Circle nomination and a Dramaleague Award. She has also done television, film and recorded two award-winning CDs, but her favorite “role” has been teaching at NYU’s CAP 21 and California’s Musical Theatre University. Come watch Korey work her magic in Fiddler On The Roof this December! 


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