You have a special woman in your life other than your mom. I know, Mom is #1 (as if she’d ever let you forget it), which is why it can be nice to see a little of her personality in your girlfriend. But sometimes, she reminds you a little too much of your mother … so much so, in fact, that you are starting to wonder if you should see a therapist.

It’s only normal that you might choose a woman who reminds you of the very first and most important woman in your life: your mother. When those likenesses border on the uncanny, however, you might want to think about how that could affect your relationship going forward. Do your mom and your girlfriend share these similarities?

1. They Shop And Share

Your mom and your girlfriend shop at the same place and sometimes share the same clothes. This creeps you out a bit, so you try not to mention it until you accidentally slip and call your girlfriend “Mom.”

Oy. Vey.

Then your woman is really mad at you, and a little paranoid. You say it was simply an accident, but you might end up sleeping on the couch or getting a temporary cold shoulder. The next time your girlfriend shops somewhere else that your mom doesn’t shop at for clothes, you give her so many compliments that she wears that outfit nearly a thousand times, and you realize that in order to not have a Mom twin for a girlfriend, you simply need to praise the choices she makes that remind you the least of your mother.

2. They Butt Heads

Sometimes, your girlfriend butts heads with your mom because the two of them are so similar, but if you tell either one that they’re “alike,” you’re either getting dumped, disowned or both. But lay off the talk about how similar they are and you’ll get a better response. And just a heads up: it’s best not to choose sides when these two disagree.

3. They Look Alike (At Least A Little)

Your best beauty and the self-proclaimed most amazing mom on the planet have strikingly similar features. Don’t feel gross about this. Your mom was the first woman you set your little near-blind newborn eyes on, so she’s become the template of all women to come.

4. They Work In The Same Field

Both teachers, both lawyers, both doctors … whatever their shared career path may be, there are drawbacks and benefits to your mom and GF being in the same field. When all of you are together, they start “talking shop” and you sort of feel … left out. Is anyone paying attention to you in this room? This makes you a sulk a bit, until you realize you should grow up, sit back and enjoy watching the two of them debate something they’re each passionate about.

Having your GF resemble Mom in more ways than one doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Actually, your mother should feel so complimented by the similarity between herself and your current paramour that you can use this to your advantage when your mom is angry with you. Remind her that she’s so amazing, you chose a woman just like her; chances are, she’ll be too buttered up to be angry.

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