Did I mention there is all-inclusive 24 hour room service? YUM! This resort is fabulous!

I put on a cute little bikini and cover-up and headed to breakfast. Within 20 minutes somehow I managed to have green beetle juice all over my white (now tied-died) cover-up. At least the culprit was a cutie… Was that his pick-up line?

Off to tennis, followed by lounging at the pool with continuous cocktails in hand. I recommend the banana daiquiri or kahlua colada.  A visit to the relaxing open air spa, followed by a nice dinner and a JDate speed date event. Who knew this would be the hottest ticket in town.  There must have been at least 150 active participants (and a waiting list to boost). JDate organizers were pros trying to keep us all under control. Of course me and my Orlando, Ohio girls managed to be a 3 on 1 team quizzing these Lucky guys!

Since it is Day 2, the ritual continues time for 2 shots of tequila.  And then el discoteca.

A wonderful long day of relaxation and fun with a variety of folks. Everyone definitely seems to be having fun…