Aah the quintessential first date exchange of resume and family history….how scintillating… Yes, it may give you some info, but really does it??  You don’t choose the family you’re born into and the reality is sometimes siblings are polar opposites.  Not ideal, but not so uncommon.  Then the resume… I’m a trained attorney who has been on the recovery path ever since–and I applaud those who don’t stick to the golden handcuffs through societal pressure norms and take risks and make changes.  Whatever floats your boat and makes you happy when you get out of bed.

Yet, once in awhile you break the rules of what not to do on a first date and you simply connect.  There is no guarantee that will predict the success of a relationship any better than a slow burning candle courtship, but it sure is genuine when you throw caution to the wind (not to mention fun), talk about real stuff and enjoy custard.