There I was, intently listening to the conversation and…he whipped it out. Not that. His Blackberry of course.
I have polled both men and women and unanimously it is agreed that checking messages while on a date, absent an emergency, is bull. It is the easiest way to let someone know you don’t value their time, their company and something more enticing is pulling your attention.  We are all busy and have demanding jobs, but PLEEEASE. No one is that important. If you so desperately need to check who is trying to text/email you that minute – excuse yourself and check it in the restroom.  Otherwise, leave the Crackberry at home.

Years ago, I was on a date with a senior political official who placed all his gadgets on the table because he was expecting a call from the President of the United States – don’t I hear that excuse all the time.  Verdict: for the good of the country, I was willing to let it slide.