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I love to travel, but it’s not always so easy to find someone with whom to travel as I get older.  Especially since my friends have families or job schedules that don’t align with mine.  Some people I know won’t travel unless they have someone to go with them.  I say, go anyway!  Don’t miss out on experiencing some great adventures and the chance to make many new memories just because no one else can go.  In fact, I’ve had some of my best travel experiences going solo!  Why?  Because to me, travel is about the people you meet along the way, and the new friends you make — sometimes moreso than the destination itself!

Don’t get me wrong; I love sharing the memories with someone.  I travel a lot and usually remember my trips based on the people involved in them.  However, even if you start out traveling on your own, there is no reason why it has to stay that way!  This is where JDate steps in!  Who says online dating has to be relegated to a 30-mile radius of your hometown?  I’ll often do a search before I head out of town to see who may live in the state, or even the country, where I’m traveling.  Not only does this give me a chance to talk to some locals for planning tips, but you’d be surprised how many people offer to meet up and show you around, or grab a drink while you’re in town.

Whenever I’m looking for a ‘new beginning,’ or just time to regroup and rethink things, I travel.  I know firsthand that when it comes to dating in New York, it can become frustrating and routine, running in circles within the never-ending dating game.  However, traveling also gives you a chance to date men and women from another city, which means maybe they come to the table with a different perspective on dating; one that you’re not used to.  I’ve had a few friends who have met their now wives and husbands while traveling.

I was just in Arizona for two weeks.  Before I went, I decided to check out the Jewish scene in the Phoenix and Tucson area.  A close friend lives in Phoenix and always travels elsewhere to meet women because he says there aren’t a lot of Jews in the area.  I found when writing to these guys, I received a response from every one of them, and they all offered to get together.  In addition, we had extensive phone conversations in the weeks leading up to the trip.  This does not happen in NYC!  You’re lucky if you speak once before you meet up.  To me, it was refreshing… like dating used to be.  This could simply be because of the region in which these guys lived.  They were not spoiled by the endless variety of options in a big city, and therefore appreciated when an opportunity presented itself to get together with someone new.

I came back from Phoenix with new friends — and maybe even one with relationship potential.  Some enjoyed getting together, but were not into starting a long-distance relationship, which I can understand.  However, I am always grateful for the opportunity to have gone outside my comfort zone and having met new people. I believe in never ruling anything out, especially if one or both people have flexibility in their lives.  You never know where you’ll meet your soulmate, so explore all your options in as many parts of the world, wherever your travels may take you.

Based in New York City, Michelle Jerson is a radio talk show host, reporter, and founder of the travel site She recruits for a matchmaking service, and is currently seeking a few good men to join for free!  She is also available for profile and dating consultations.  Contact Michelle at
  1. Hello Michelle, I enjoyed reading your article. Traveling is exciting, yes, the possibility of meeting new friends in the process, yes, especially your soul mate, yes….. however and unfortunately the world and times we live in today are not what they were! My motto: women should NEVER travel alone especially in the midst of finding a partner. Something as precious as that can turn into an unfortunate situation. And nobody deserves that. I don’t mean to sound negative, because I am not a negative person, but with the world being in the state it is, caution is a la number one.

  2. Yes, it’s not easy finding someone to go with me. But that won’t deter me to travel alone. As long as I know the way, I will push through. But even if I don’t know, all I have to do is ask the help of others. 🙂

  3. Thanks for finally talking about >Depart on Your Own, But Never
    Travel Alone! | Featured | JMag <Loved it!

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