I called this post, Desperation Days, because that phrase popped into my head.  Now I have to write an entire thing that fits that description.  It reminds me of a chapter of a memoir of a man in his 60s looking back to his pre-teen years with disdain.  It also sounds like a movie starring Nicolas Cage and Michelle Rodriguez.  It could also somehow be a nostalgic Cameron Crowe movie starring Elijah Wood.  One of those movies has to happen now. I will probably see neither.

Everyone feels desperate at some point in their lives.  I just said that because that’s a thing people generally say, but there’s no way that it’s true for everybody.  Some people don’t have to deal with desperation.  People like Michelle Rodriguez and Elijah Wood have been famous since they were pretty young.  They are also good-looking (not counting the Lord of the Rings trilogy).  As an aside, aside from the fact that this whole post is an aside, I have never seen a Michelle Rodriguez movie that was good.  Yes, that includes Avatar and Drive Angry 3D.  In Avatar, one of her lines was literally “I didn’t sign up for this sh*t.” because that is not the most cliché line of dialogue in every movie ever.  I also dislike her because her character on LOST was not very likable, and because they killed her off because the LOST team couldn’t deal with her anymore.  When you’ve lost LOST, Drive Angry 3D is really the best you can do thereafter.

In relation to being Jewish and dating Jewish people, I’ve got nothing.  None of this has anything to do with either of those topics, but I hope it is a nice diversion from the pain and suffering of dating.  If you are depressed, rent Avatar and you will realize that, though you are sad, at least you are not Jake Sully.

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